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Spring 2012-Part Deux

I love color.  When I’m walking by a tree, I often imagine designing a beautiful dress inspired by the colors of the tree.   I notice colors of buildings, the eyes of people I interact with and the nail polish color of the person standing behind me at the post office.  I notice everything when it comes to color.  Pantone is a great resource for color and fashion trends.  

I did a simple flower image in Illustrator to demonstrate the Spring 2012 colors.  Are you wearing any of the spring colors?  My favorites are Cockatoo, Solar Power and Sweet Lilac. What are yours?  Can you spot them in the following collections?


This collection made me smile.  I think Donatella might have been channeling Amphitrite, the Greek Goddess of the Ocean because there is a definite underwater theme throughout this beautiful collection.  The glow lights coming from the runway added to the mystical feeling of the clothing.  Lots of gold and glitter, lucite platforms and pastels.  Versace old and new coming together to create today.

Jil Sander

Let me be upfront.  I have never been a Jil Sander fan.  Whenever I look at the ads in magazines I cringe a little because they make fashion look miserable.  Fashion is supposed to be fun, right?  But I’m trying to be inclusive-we all don’t have the same style.  One woman’s Jil Sander is another woman’s Anna Sui (me!).  The streets of Soho or the East Village would look pretty boring if everyone was wearing the same thing, don’t ya think?

I can appreciate the ads for artistic creativity blahblahblah but it doesn’t make me want to go out and spend 10k at a Jil Sanders boutique.  

With that said, I don’t really like anything in this collection.  But if you’re working at a *mental institute, you might find  something to your liking (see images immediately below).   In order to say something positive, however, I will admit to liking the paisley prints.  But I like paisley in general.  It’s that psychedelic-mod thing in me that I’ll probably always have.

The above reminds me of something Jackie O would wear on a casual day in the early 60s. But it also looks like something a grandmother would wear to the garden club.

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta is genius when it comes to geometric shapes–combine that with her superb color instinct and you end up with an amazing collection.

I would wear a bra with the above unless, of course, you’re just wearing it around your house or yacht.

I spot a shade of Cockatoo!

Emilio Pucci

I went wild with Pucci’s collection.  I love it.  It’s sexy gypsy meets Day of The Dead meets a little True Blood Season 2.  I’m not a religious person but I do love the look of crosses in jewelry.  It’s very powerful.  There are just not enough peasant tops in the world.  I want more!!!

Alice and Olivia

I thought these dresses were just adorable and would flatter a variety of figures.  This is also the first line of shoes by Stacey Bendet.  They reflect the personality of the whole collection-fun with a variety of options.  Now if they could just make the shoes in a wide size (who am I kidding-I would fall and break my neck if I tried to wear these shoes)!

*comment is not meant to disrespect people with mental illness or the people that work so hard to help them.


spring 2012-part uno

In my previous posts of collections, I would just talk about my favorite pieces from my favorite designers.  There really wasn’t much critique going on.  So in order to broaden my horizons, I’m also looking at designers that I’m not too familiar with.  I found some items that I very much liked and some that I…didn’t.  With that said, I’m very excited about the spring collections.  If I had a million dollars, I definitely would add some of these pieces to my wardrobe (my new wardrobe that would be housed in my new closet in my new million dollar apartment!).  I’ve included images of the designer because it’s good to put a face to the creation.

narcisco Rodriquez

I have always appreciated Narcisco’s precise lines and his minimalist approach to fashion. I immediately felt an asian influence when I looked at his spring collection and interestingly enough, one of his inspirations for this season is Korean artist Kim Joon‘s art (warning: nudity and tattoo images).

anna Sui

One of my favorite gifts was a birthday present my sister gave me several years ago-a beautiful book of Anna Sui’s designs which I look at all the time.  She is one of my favorite designers.  I love her color, style and fabrics.  Yes, she can get outrageous and her creations are definitely an acquired taste (which I have acquired).  Many years ago, I saw an interview with Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) and he said his favorite designer was Anna Sui.  I had never heard of her (this was before my interest in fashion-the second time around-long story) but I remember being immediately drawn to her choice of textiles and color palette.

Anna Sui is definitely a rock-and-roll boho/hippie chick.  When I look at her collections, no matter what year or season, I just get happy.  So ‘come on get happy’ with me!

louis Vuitton

I’ve never been a fan of Marc Jacobs mainly because when I was in NYC his brand was everywhere (so it seemed)-in subways, bus stops, and department stores.  This is not a good reason to not like a  designer so I decided to look at Louis Vutton’s collection for spring.  Rumors were circulating last year that Jacobs was a top choice to replace John Galliano as head of Dior.  You might remember that Galliano was fired last year for yelling anti-semetic remarks at a couple in a paris cafe (how to Not win friends and influence people).  I just read today that Jacobs is still being considered for the position.

While I love the eyelet of daisies combined with the organza and the beautiful pastel colors, I found some of the suits to be awkward.  However, I do like the zipper detail in some of the jackets (I love zipper details).  This is definitely a girly girl collection but for grown-ups. Also, is it me or do the models look just a little bit out of it? And yes, I know models are supposed to have that zombiesque appearance.

viktor and Rolf

I once made this warm fuzzy fleece top for my mom.  It was one of those oversize shirts with big sleeves and long at the bottom.  There was an added detail of  knitting yarn thread woven in at the bottom and at the edges of the sleeves.  Needless to say, my mom only wore it indoors but it kept her warm at least.  So when I saw Viktor and Rolf’s line for spring, I laughed out loud literally (LOL).  The designers were inspired by doll clothes and you can see this by the oversized lacing that dominated the collection.  While I thought the first couple of items were charming in a spanish flair kind of way, I think Viktor and Rolf forgot to edit (or forgot how to edit) the rest of the collection.  The oversized lace seemed to become more oversized and more ridiculous.

At least they included a wedding dress!  Now would be the perfect time to insert a Michael Kors comment about drapes.  If this was Project Runway, I think the designer would be voted off but if this was Project Runway All-Stars, the designer would have won the challenge (ouch-if you’ve been watching all-stars you know what I’m talking about)!

j. Mendel

I adore these dresses from Giles Mendel’s spring line.  The color and vertical lines create a very appealing style.