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Red evokes a strong reaction in some people.  Passion, anger, love and strength come to mind when my eyes set upon the color red whether it’s in a painting, a building or a flower. In Matisse’s The Red Studio, I love the intensity of the red combined with the outlines of everyday objects like a chair.

The Red Studio

In 2004, I worked at Gilda’s Club in Northern New Jersey and also in NYC (for 2 weeks) . Gilda’s Club provides a safe haven for those living with cancer and is famous for their red doors.  In this instance, the red door is a symbol of welcome and joy.

Gilda's Club Northern New Jersey

Gilda's Club Manhattan

Mars is the “red planet”.  The Beatles have a Red Album with their greatest early hits.   Bostonians’ favorite baseball team dress in red.  And London has its charming red phone booths.


Red Album

Boston's Favorite Team

Red Telephone

Red is great color, when used correctly, in advertising and web design.  Red velvet cupcakes are delicious.  Most danger, or warning signs are in red.  And February would be just another month but for the inundation of valentines and hearts.

When all is said and done, the color red might make you think of this emotion or that piece of art; however, sometimes a girl just needs a cute red coat, a red purse to keep her lipstick and some nice red beads to balance everything out.

Chanel Fall 2011

Cybele in Red, Urban Rhythm Designs

Red Vintage Glass Pearls

What are your favorite red images?  Do you think of anything in particular when you see the color red?  Do you have a favorite red piece of art?


Van Gogh turned me on to color and life has been a rainbow ever since.  When I was in my early 20s, I took the first of many drawing classes, and even though I eventually dropped that class, it introduced me to a world of art.

Once I started drawing, I wanted to know all about the the great artists.  I knew about Van Gogh but only as the tortured, crazy artist who cut off his ear. When I finally came across his paintings, a deep sigh escaped me.  In those intense, dramatic brush strokes, I saw a man who felt a deep kinship to the nature and peasants that surrounded him.  The only time that Vincent could find peace within himself is when he put brush to canvas.

I saw my first Van Gogh at the Metropolitan Museum in 2001.  This was also my first visit to NYC.  I remember walking into the room with all the French Impressionists’ work and seeing Vincent’s paintings in the corner.  Hey, I love me some Monet, Gauguin, Cezanne and Renoir but they just don’t compare to Van Gogh.  The colors of Vincent’s paintings leaped off the canvas.  No reproduction does his work justice.  If you ever get a chance to see his paintings in person, I recommend that you take that chance.  I’ve lived in NYC twice and I visited the Met often, always making a trip to see the Van Goghs (it’s a huge building). They made me happy.   I will never think of him again as the crazy artist who cut off his ear (he only cut off part of his ear, folks).

Color is something we take for granted.  This year has been absolutely amazing for trees, leaves and flowers.  Whenever I drive by a tree or a garden, I pull over and look at the amazing color .  I don’t want to take color for granted.

Color Me Wednesdays will be a weekly column at Urban Rhythm Designs.  I intitially wanted to do a different color every week but as is everything in life, this is subject to change.  And this will be the first of many times I will talk about Vincent.  He is truly one of my most important inspirations.  For now, let us imagine ourselves in Arles, France in 1888, coming upon a field and a man with brush and canvas creating something beautiful.