I’m a huge fan of anything Jasper.  My favorite kind is Owyhee which is found near the Owyhee River in Oregon.  I love it because, like many other gemstones, the natural formation on the piece makes it look like a scene or a picture.  In fact, another name for Owyhee Jasper is Picture Jasper.  For a long time, I’ve been referring to Owyhee as Ocean Jasper which it is not.  I also confuse it with Red Creek Jasper.  So much Jasper–so little time!


The word Jasper can be traced back to the Greek (really, what can’t be traced back to the Greeks?!) and means spotted stone.  Here are some other interesting facts:

1.  Jasper is an opaque rock of fine grained quality
2.  It is a form of chalcedony which is a variety of quartz
3.  It is petrified mud
4.  The organic nature and minerals give it its picture like quality
5.  There are many names for Jasper which can get a little confusing
6.  The Egyptians often wore amulets made of Jasper.


And for those of us who always want to know the meaning of stones..wearing Jasper can potentially bring about lasting friendships.  It also provides protection to the person wearing it.  This is true because I often wear Jasper and I have yet to be attacked by a bear!


Owyhee Jasper is affordable, and there are so many colors, shapes and varieties, enough to keep a jewelry designer busy for the rest of her life!  I love pairing it with metals and wire. Do you like Owyhee Jasper?  Do you have another favorite type of Jasper?  What do you like to make with this stone?